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Further Development
2012 - 2014, Installation, stainless steel, 39 × 30 × 30 cm

A temporary intervention on the rooftop of Kunstraum Innsbruck and Galerie Thoman in Innsbruck, Austria. On the intersection between architecture and art the work takes up the incessant developments in social and political matters and transfers this idea of a never-ending process allegorically onto a public building. By attaching faked reinforcement steel onto a rooftop the completeness of the enclosed structure is broken down and transforms the building into a state of incompleteness, alteration and further development.

<...> I agree with the artist that we should always leave some space for future growth and nothing in life is ever completely finished, even though this is what the building that “Further Development” has been installed on seem to be. It is a positive attitude to assume that the building could still grow in the future … <...>

Text by Lorenzo Rocha