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Invoice No. 22, 2011, Ink on paper, 5 × 1.7 in
Series of Drawn Invoices
since 2009, drawings, India ink on paper

The self-referential ink drawings, which imitate the appearance of ordinary cash register receipts, are hand-drawn invoices that present the bill for themselves.

The ink drawings on paper, which are produced by Ruben Aubrecht, are adapted from the appearance of common till receipts. With the date, receipt number and VAT, it is however not a question of a receipt for everyday things, because the receipts relate to themselves. They thus stand not just in a 1:1 relationship to the conceptual and manual work that the artist has performed in making them – the receipts are the artistic work itself. With his self-analytical work, Ruben Aubrecht raises the economic conditions of contemporary art production for dis cussion and confronts the changeability of the value of art with an absolutely economic artistic strategy.

Text: Birgit Rinagl & Franz Thalmair / Translation: David Westacott

Invoice No. 28, 2016, Ink on paper, 12 × 4.4 cm
Invoice No. 22, 2011, Ink on paper, 5 × 1.7 in