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15 × 15 km
2020, series of 25 photographs, 45 × 30 cm

For the 25-part work, the artist defined a 15 x 15 kilometer grid at an unspecified location outside of Berlin and photographically documented all the cell towers within this area. As gray concrete or steel structures, these mostly free-standing architectural structures feel alien in the midst of idyllic landscapes, where they bring a flow of data and information to users’ devices in even the most remote locations: “Janus-faced structures,” as Ruben Aubrecht puts it, “that promise unlimited access to knowledge and information and are simultaneously instruments of total control.” The standardized frontal color photographs that make up the series demonstrate, simply by virtue of their concentration in a fairly manageable area of only 225 square kilometers, how massive the infrastructure is required to enable us to click through the digital network any time, anywhere.

(From the press release "If I subtract all the time I have spent uselessly surfing the Internet, it could still be 2016", Text by Franz Thalmair)